Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A Follow Up to the Strict Governess: More Scans from Janus

As promised I've taken a look through my folders of scans and come up with more from that strict governess photo story that was published in Janus all those years ago and that started me off down the whole strict governess story route in my approach to writing.


I sketched out several storylines based around these images most of which had been long lost in the mists of time but the bare bones have survived to be incorporated within the INSTITUTIONALISED series in one form or another. For example I have plans for one of the characters from volume 1 and a new character introduced in volume 2 to be placed, together, in the hands of a rather special governess for a period of time and at least part of that particular story arc is based around one of the vignettes that I spun around this photo series. (Quite what is so special about her is all tied up in how she goes about handling recalcitrant charges and the somewhat unorthodox techniques she brings into play - beyond that I can say no more without giving too much away except, perhaps, to say that her charges tend to have a somewhat dreamlike air about them).

Another inspirational spanking photo set published in Janus at around the same period was that featuring the delicious Sarah Jane in a wondrous school uniform set piece. I long ago sold that particular edition and stupidly neglected to scan it but I have just come across it on Richard Windsor's most excellent spanking photo' site. (Click on Sarah's name or pic to view the set or select link from the resource list on sidebar). She has just the look to bring out that cruel side of me; I can't think of a better candidate for the kind of psychological study outlined within the pages of volume 1, take a look...what do you think, what would you do with her??? Lets not just stop at a caning - You could find your suggestion used within the pages of the next volume of INSTITUTIONALISED.

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Richard Windsor said...

Thanks for linking in, Garth. It is much appreciated. Doing so also allowed me to discover your blog, which I will add today to all of the various sites that I have. You have some excellent work here which I look forward to perusing :-)