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Another Volume 1 Extract: Punishment-Rhymes

Another extract from good ol' INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 for any that haven't read it yet and to help set the scene for the extracts of volume 2 that I have been posting here and will be continuing to in the future. The pic came from one of the old Yahoo groups and is almost certainly a manip, but a nice one (alright, so its not a padded cell, but it captures the anguish nicely). As with the other volume 1 extracts I have posted, this piece has been previously posted on some of the relevant news groups. This piece differs somewhat in that it incorporates straitjacket-bondage, enforced diaper use and psychological punishment. It is very non-consensual so if such subject matter bothers or worries you, then please skip this.
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To set the scene: a young women, 18 year old Lavinia Vittess, has been persuaded to enter an institution as a medical research volunteer only to discover that all is not quite as it had initially seemed. Here we look in on her as, while under the vicious caress of Matron's cane, she finds her mind filled with the memory of a previous punishment.

For the first time Lavinia could make out some detail amongst those shapeless folds of canvas. And then it had hit her: straitjackets, they were straitjackets. Yes, indeed they were straitjackets and quickly indeed the two miscreants were enrobed in the same.

They were told to sit on the floor, as thickly padded as the walls, as their shoes were removed. Again the nurse had left the room, returning, with only the slightest delay, carrying what Lavinia was later to learn were medical restraints, each consisting of two padded leather cuffs linked by a short, strong, leather strap. These were quickly affixed to each girl's ankles.

The dormitory mistress had looked down on the two of them with satisfaction, there were to be no words of explanation just a simple instruction: " No talking". With those words both nurse and mistress departed, the closing door sealing the room as completely as to appear to practically evaporate, becoming part of a seamless continuous padded wall. With the two girls seated against the back wall there was little spare space and Lavinia soon discovered it was not possible to fully stretch out, nor could she topple over, her right shoulder was touching the right wall and her left shoulder was only a very short distance, perhaps two hand-widths, from the other girl's.

From the point of view of the independent observer the instruction not to talk would have been an interesting one. It would, of course, have been possible for the two girls to have been gagged; clearly such a contingency had no part to play in this particular stratagem. The fact was they had been incarcerated in order that they might be trained; they had been told not to talk and, even though they were alone and unsupervised, they would not talk. Patient 16S had already been far too well-trained to dare talk without permission. In her turn Lavinia, patient 30S, would be discouraged by the presence of her deeply trained and unresponsive companion.

Additionally Lavinia would be only too aware that it was she who had caused them both to be punished and it would be she who would be to blame if any further disobedience on her part was to result in her compatriot’s increased suffering; Indeed by this mechanism the most immense psychological pressure was being brought to bear on Lavinia to conform.
And then the nursery rhyme had begun; 'Boys and girls come out to play' apparently performed on a child’s xylophone. The affect on her companion had been immediate; within the space of a few notes she had begun franticly struggling in her straitjacket, rocking back and forth until, totally distraught, she had broken down completely, becoming a spasm-racked wreck of uncontrollable weeping.

Had Lavinia recognised earlier the implications, the pertinence, of the events unfolding before her then surely she too would have been struggling, both physically and mentally; the concern and sympathy she had felt for the girl might well have been inwardly transferred. For, in witnessing the girl’s reaction, had she not been gifted a view across time, a window into her own future? And yet such foresight, when recognised as such, was only to serve to bolster that dreadful inevitability. The presence of an example of their finished product, as it were, could only serve to ensure the correct moulding of their next; that had always been their intent, her 'carers', that was the reason for the double incarceration, the rational behind the punishment of the innocent along with the guilty.

In time, an unknowable time, the chiming had been displaced by an entirely different timbre, the pitch and cadence instantly familiar; simultaneously two stomachs rumbled, two mouths salivated, two girls were consumed with gnawing hunger. Within perhaps half a dozen chimes of the 'meal bell' the door had sprung open, seemingly as an apparition manifesting within the wall itself, to admit a sweetly smiling nurse carrying a white plastic tray upon which sat the familiar white plastic bowls and beakers, two of each, the door being carefully closed behind her by an unseen hand.

The nurse had manoeuvred herself to kneel in front of the girls and midway between the two pairs of bent knees. Sitting back on her heels and with the tray balanced upon her plastic-apron covered lap she proceeded to spoon feed both girls, offering a spoonful to first one girl and then the other, always smiling, occasionally speaking but only ever as reinforcement; "that's a good girl, eat up, you must be very hungry". Outside, the other girls would have been seated around the circular table, as at every meal time.
Both bowls having been emptied the nurse had held a plastic beaker up to each girl's lips in turn until such had been drained in each case and the girl’s thirst quenched. Only at that point did the 'meal bell' cease.

Despite the vastly expanded length of time it had taken to manually feed the two girls, as compared to the standard mealtime, the bell had sounded throughout. Only later was Lavinia to mull over the implications of this latter point; that the bells they heard in their room must issue forth from some source dedicated to that room, rather than from some source centralised throughout the institution. In addition she came to realise that for the clinic to go to such trouble and then to so carefully synchronise such events implied some function of great import to them.

She had had a broad and wide ranging education and was possessed of a general knowledge more thorough and detailed than most; the work of Pavlov and the term, conditioning, were not totally unfamiliar to her. They were being conditioned for some reason, all of them, and she had been, she realised, for some time, since her arrival in fact. She had determined at that that point that she would fight it, ignore the bells, but deep inside that part of her had already been defeated, did she not hunger at the sound of the 'meal bell', did she not give way to weariness at the sound of the ' sleep bell'?

They had sat there in silence since the nurse's departure, Lavinia having begun to mull over more of the practicalities, or rather the impracticalities, of their incarceration. Her stomach was full and it would all have to go somewhere; that was just nature. As it was she had had that awful anal grommet device fitted; even on that deeply, softly, padded floor she was aware of its presence, the anal dilator. She was always aware of its presence; occasional bouts of 'wind' now consisted of a softer and less violent release but one that was uncontrolled and continuing, the legacy of which was detectable with any shifting of weight or movement that might cause a momentary displacement of the leg cuffs of her knickers and that had become a faint but ever present companion. That, even in the absence of a major bowel movement, the earliest, more watery, products of digestion would be trickling into her absorbent pad was beyond doubt; the sticky-warm sensation had already begun to spread across her lower buttocks.

Then it had happened; somewhere a bell had started to toll, the other patient, 16S, was grimacing with the physical pain of her cramping stomach and the psychological pain of the shame of it. Lavinia, despite her recently developed determination of defiance, had felt her bloomers filling around her buttocks and thighs, the device holding open her anus denying her even that last vestige of control. Both girls had simultaneously began weeping with a despair known only to the utterly and totally defeated and had been weeping still when the nurse had arrived.

The straitjacket’s crotch strap had to be released first to allow the nurse to reach up under the canvas and unlock, with the requirement of no little dexterity, the waistband securing the bloomers. Removing the restrained from the girl's ankles allowed the bloomers to be removed and unceremoniously dumped in the waiting bucket. A second nurse had entered and, with the difficulty expected of such close confines, rolled the girl over onto her side to allow a wet sponge thorough and unimpeded access. Lavinia could see that, not unsurprisingly, the girls anus was grossly dilated by the rubber-doughnut that constituted the anal grommet and for the first time she really understood how she herself now appeared, viewed from that angle. But there had been something else, when they had turned her over, her vaginal lips were equally stretched and distorted, the resulting gaping maw apparently surrounded by a sprung rubber-lined ovoid. This region had had to have special attention lavished in order to remove the risk of infection due to the ingress of her bodily waste. One of the nurses had then retrieved a oval black rubber plate device that, it had turned out, was designed to clamp over the poor girl’s medically-corrupted vagina, effectively sealing it off from any further ingress.

The second nurse had been working on the girl at the same region, and upon completion of her task a short length of flexible white tubing protruded out from between the girl's legs, this latter being routed through an orifice provided in the rubber plate prior to its being fitted in position. The girl was now sealed from infection and successfully catheterised. A strong smell of disinfectant had filled the air and then she was re-robed in a fresh pair of bloomers. The latter having been locked back in place, the crotch strap was refastened and her ankles were placed back in restraints. In due course Lavinia too had been dealt with in a similar manner, albeit without the complication of catheterisation, and the two girls again left to their isolation. And then the nursery rhyme resumed its charming, chiming, song.
Mealtimes had come and gone without number, bloomers, now fitted over diapers, were filled and consequently changed. The 'sleep bell’ would sound, promising respite, yet, shortly after, the nursery rhyme would restart its gentle jangling, both girls jolted awake by its resumption then dozing intermittently, all the while those few notes sounding, over and over and over through to the next mealtime. In time both girls had become indistinguishable in their desperation, in their weeping, both girls struggling within their confining bondage, the secure unrelenting swaddling-womb of their straitjackets, at each resumption of that once innocent but now so, so, terrible, song. Bodies writhed and twisted over and over, heads repeatedly thumped against walls and floor, with all the consequence of impact with the softest of feather pillows. Screams rendered throats so raw as to reduce to practically inaudible pathetic mewing any further protestations.

Only upon their thrashings becoming so wild as to threaten injury from the clashing of heads had more stringent restraint been called for; the addition of a simple leather leash, of a suitable length, between collar ring and ankle restraints enforcing the adoption of a safely-passive, if still writhing, foetal position. Thus restrained they had remained lying on the floor of their padded cell for a further week; not that the concept of a week would have meant anything to either girl by that stage. A further week of spoon feedings, diaper changes and, at least partial, sleep deprivation, and all of it to the constant accompaniment of a simple child's song, gently tinkling in their ears and through their minds.

There had been a time, a short period early on in their confinement, when for while all had gone quiet, peaceful silence had reigned. Lavinia had been cheered, filled with jubilation and renewed defiance. She had been buoyed by the knowledge that she had defeated them, that she had pulled through the ordeal unscathed and defeated them. A girlish giggling had, at length, evolved into a room-filling raucous laughter, initially unrecognized even by its originator. Yet it was her laughter, a strangely perverted laughter, one adorned with a hysterical, maniacal, edge; a laughter that, occurring within earshot of any rational observer, would surely have prompted the gravest of doubts be cast on the applicability of the term ‘unscathed’. Indeed, to the more experienced ear, it would have spoken more of a woman driven close to her breaking point.

And then the laughter had subsided; again silence had reigned, that essential painful silence encountered so rarely in one’s everyday experience and inhabiting so few terrestrial environments save such a room as that within which they had been confined. All had become deathly silent…

Silent, that is, save for the gentle sobbing of the girl known as patient 16S.
It had been an act of sympathy and concern as much as of defiance: “A, a, ar, aaar, are, yyyy y,ou, O,O,O OK” Her almost incoherent stammering barely audible even in that numbing silence. The response had been a voice wracked and stifled with the most primal, most phobic dread.
“N, , n,n,no, ppp, p,pleassse, nn,n,no.”

Such had been the limit of their discourse; so soon had those vibrant xylophone notes begun singing their soft song of soul-torturing sweetness, so soon had that despair returned, so soon had she known the simple fact that she would never again disobey, never again disobey anyone, ever, ever again.

Copyright (c) 2008 Garth. P. ToynTanen

Taken from: Institutionalised Volume 1: Beyond The Stanford Experiment

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