Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I have taken something of a short break from writing seriously in order to create this blog and to perform one or two other tasks; stressful stuff such attempting to sell my flat (apartment, for our American cousins) at a time when the property market appears about ready to slump through the floor. I am now back writing parts for by volume 2 and volume 3 of the series (yes, there is going to be a volume 3 and perhaps even a volume 4, should enough ideas come in and only ever can be sure of avoiding too much repetition). It must be said, though, tomorrow is my birthday (Wednesday) and I intend to spend all day in the pub but hopefully I'll take my pad and scribbling-stick with me and get some stuff knocked out before I’m joined at the bar.

If by some incredible coincidence anyone reading this is in the North London area late tomorrow afternoon (more specifically Palmers Green) you are cordially invited to join me for a pint: I hang out in the Alfred Herring (a Wetherspoon's pub): you can't miss me: long shaggy curly hair dark-ish but all to rapidly going gray, sitting somewhere near the bar, scribbling madly and probably wearing shades, even if the weather’s bloody miserable - I have to go on believing it’s summer.

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