Sunday, 23 May 2010

Institutional Enema Punishment and a Bit of New - Institutionalised Volume 1 goes Live on Amazon's Kindle

Yes you heard right; for whom it may concern – those more up with the times than yours truly - INSTITUTIONALISED Volume 1 has now gone Live on Amazon's Kindle following a publishing agreement with Andrews UK LTD, publishers. Click on the title to obtain the kindle version through Amazon or the publisher's name to visit their site. I am hoping for volume 2 to follow suit shortly. One of the many themes explored within the pages of both titles – outside of the domestic discipline aspects – is the possibilities that open up for the exploitation and humiliation of young women of a delicate and sensitive disposition once securely behind the walls of a privately funded and run institution and what could exemplify and illustrate this aspect better than the combination of the straight jacket and the enema? At least that was the thought process stimulated by this nice little offering I came across on – one of only two affiliated sites I regularly include links to on this blog; I have to try and generate a little income somehow.

Meanwhile work continues on the new book. It has been absolutely baking here (for once) in London this weekend which has given me the opportunity to sit working out in the garden. At least that was the case yesterday – today I managed only a couple of hours, the rest was spent helping the 'other half' run her boot fair stool in a field just outside Potters Bar (Hertfordshire, just north of London) – what a waste of a good drinking day; I'd much rather have been in a pub garden some place. Tomorrow looks to be the last good day for a while – something horrible looks to be brewing out over the Atlantic – and so I'm damn well off 'pubbing' (and writing of course) and will probably be found somewhere in Camden town, probably outside 'The Ice Wharf' on the canal side.

Bye, bye!

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Rex Talbot said...

Thanks for recommending The demo video there is terrific!!