Thursday, 29 April 2010

Two New Blogs, a Couple of Changes and Some News and Views

One thing I probably should have pointed out last time and that needs to be taken into consideration as regards the creation of an illustrated version of the new book is that it is going to have to cost substantially more to buy - at least that's the case for a printed version. For an electronic download it might not make so much of a difference; though even then there are extra costs involved to take into consideration. Lulu charges a lot more for printing books with colour within their pages and with the work involved there seems little point in publishing in black and white. The answer is probably to have both an illustrated and a non-illustrated print version and a single electronic version.

Now, I was up quite late last night making one or two changes to the site - anyone noticed? Not to keep you in too much suspense; I'll tell you. For quite some time I've been searching for a couple of suitable affiliate programs to link to as a way to raising a little revenue so as to offset the cost of the time it takes to create, not so much the blog, but the books themselves – which do not actually bring in much in the way of remuneration.

The proviso has always been that the content offered should fit with the spirit of the story arc within the INSTITUTIONALISED book series, be of good quality, not be stereotypical obverse banking scene and offer good value for money. I decided to go with ‘Bars and Stripes’ - because I love all that institutional and judicial punishment stuff – of which more another time, and an intriguing little site called '' (exactly what it says on the label) from whence I extracted the interesting little picture displayed top left. Links to both sites can be found in the right-hand sidebar and additional banner for ‘Bars and Stripes’ can be found at the bottom of the page. With any luck I will be able to feature suitably relevant content from both sites from time to time, perhaps to embellish my ramblings or to illustrate certain aspects of the new book and its story arc, or the INSTITUTIONALISED story arc in general - it all adds a little much needed colour to a drab homogenised world.

In addition to the above, I have added the blogs – ‘Poppies Submissions' and ‘BTs Erotic Fiction’ - to the blog list (click on either title to visit or see the blog list on the right-hand sidebar). The latter of these two mostly deals with female domination of the male, which is not exactly my bag, but nevertheless has much of interest, not least of which is a list of blogs many of which I have yet to visit and which led me to the former of the two blogs. ‘Poppies Submissions’ on the other hand is a classic spanking site but one with a subtler atmosphere about it and a greater emphasis placed on eroticism Then one usually comes across. (it is where the nice little picture on the right is from, for example). Meanwhile; I have removed the free diaper story site, ‘Diaper Dreams', from the ‘Useful Resources' list in the right-hand sidebar, the reason being a broken link. This site seems no longer to exist, but if you know different, let me know, send me the link and I will be pleased to reinstate it - if only to prevent the entire thing becoming completely spanking-orientated like so many other sites / blogs; something I have tried to avoid. Next...some really exciting news...just wait and see!


Bt said...

Thank you for the shout and adding me to your blogroll. I try to write about a variety of things and am glad for any links.

Orage said...

Of course we would expect an illustrated version to be more expensive!
I'll stick to the download anyway: should I drop dead, I don't want my family to come across printed books and know about my kinks.
By the way, I've always thought the download was ridiculously cheap.
Not being very observant, I'm unable to find the changes to the site.

summertime75 said...

I have mixed feelings about illustrations, on the one hand it adds another dimension to the text but they may not always correspond with the readers own vision, either way I will purchase the next edition. As for not having a hard copy Orage in case of a “Porterhouse Blue”, what about your hard drive loaded with kink? It might make the funeral and subsequent tales interesting.

I should have added that the illustrations as really good, you certainly picked an excellent artist, although I would have liked to have seen the Nurse’s uniform from “Institutional and Domestic Discipline: An Illustrated Collaboration” more in keeping with the story.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Bt! It's the least I could do since you had kindly added me to your list – it's how I came across your blog in the first place. Welcome to the wacky world of dodgy blogs and general weirdness.

Moving on: I think most of us share Orage’s concerns to some degree or other – I, for one, have one hell of a collection squirreled away. But ‘Summerime75’ is right about the hard drive thing, not to mention backup copies on CD/DVD, data sticks and the like. And it's of more concern than ever these days; what with thought-police everywhere, the ‘nanny-state’ attempting to protect us from ourselves and the general public – guided by the mass media – becoming more paranoid and increasingly judgmental by the second, at least here in the UK. I personally have been called a paedophile by a guy in my local gym after simply stripping off for a shower in the gym's communal male changing room (not the word ‘communal’ there - as in all guys together) because he said I had undressed in front of his ‘boy’. Looking around I could see no child just the two youths the guy had been working-out with previously (and should one bring a child into a communal changing room in any case?). The ‘boy’ in question turned out to be in fact one of the two youths - a strapping lad of 16 that actually looked closer to 19 (but that's neither here nor there). In fact the gym I now go to as a communal shower, let alone a communal changing room. A huge row ensued, which I won't go into, but suffice it to say that in all came down to what I would euphemistically describe as irreconcilable cultural differences. This might seem to be digressing a little but it serves to provide a flavour of the prevailing paranoiac atmosphere in the UK at the moment -fueled in this particular case by someone's religious beliefs. On another occasion, fairly recently, I observed two women peeling an advertising poster for a glossy ‘chap's magazine’ (I forget which) featuring a bikini clad model off of the side of a bus shelter because apparently it offended them in some way - and this is mainstream advertising we are talking about! Those of interested in freedom of thought, let alone freedom of speech, are beginning to feel under siege here in the UK - or example the incidence of so-called ‘gay bashing’ is on the increase here along with other forms of abuse.

Toyntanen said...

Actually, now that I come to think about it; I seem to remember reading about a company that had been set up somewhere with whom you could leave instruction to move in after your departure and cleanse all such evidence. I guess that assumes death by natural causes, as otherwise they would be prevented from carrying out their tasks by the police carrying out their investigations beforehand - which is fine if they are allowed to do their job afterwards and PC Plod (a euphemism for police here in the UK) keeps his mouth shut about the potentially embarrassing yet perfectly innocent stash of porn or other materials uncovered!

As for “the comment regarding he nurse's uniform featured in the illustration posted in the blog entry entitled ‘Institutional And Domestic Discipline: An Illustrated Collaboration’; it is fair to say that this is just an illustrative mock-up that the guy created by PhotoShopping together two (or more - I'm not too sure) pre-existing images. ‘Summertime75’ is right when he says that the images may not always correspond with the reader's own vision. In fact for some scenes there would necessarily have to be a certain amount of artistic licence involved simply because white nurses uniforms, white furniture, white walls ceilings and flooring do not lend themselves to come together with sufficient contrast to create a realistic image, especially as the diffused lighting system described in the clinical scenarios would render everything essentially shadow-free. The domestic discipline aspect of the story arc however is a different matter entirely - and there an illustration or two might be useful to better put over such details as a 1950s or 60s private British girl's school uniform or British hospital sister's uniform to those that may have never seen such things. So, A. yes, my intention is that any illustrations would have to be very much in keeping with the story but at the same time I understand that one or two compromises might have to be made along the way - but such changes may not be that difficult to accommodate considering that in the new volume there are many changes of scene away from the world of the hospital's experimental psychology unit per se.

Orage said...

A very pertinent remark! Now a hard drive loaded with kink doesn't stand out as blatantly as a hard copy.
Fortunately, only my sister and I are PC users and she swore she would have the hard drive cleansed by a specialist before handing the computer to my daughter.
I can only hope she doesn't rummage into it beforehand as she is strictly vanilla and something of a puritan to boot.
As for CD's a problem I think I've solved (unless I'm much mistaken) by putting everything on Word documents secured by a password.

What you say about thought police applies here as well: political correctness is rife and freedom of speech has long disappeared.

Poppy said...

I just popped in to say thank you so much for your kind words and the link. What you wrote about my blog made me smile on what was a grotty day.