Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Spanking Machines and an Italian Spanking Forum to Visit

In quick succession I have just found a Blog dealing with spanking machines, called....err Spanking Machines, and an Italian Spanking Forum for you to Visit that is well worth exploring as it is chock full of nice pics. The blog can be found listed in the blog list section of the sidebar and the Italian forum in the useful resources list, filed as Italian Spanking forum. Alternatively you can click the left hand pic to visit spanking machines and right hand pic to visit Gabbia.com (spanking forum). Ain't I nice to you - it's 'cause the sun's out! PS: Why not visit 'The Iron Gate' while you're at it, a BDSM "Resource and Knowledge Database". It contains fiction and all sorts of sweeties - though I haven't the time to explore it fully at the moment, so let me know what you find and maybe give yours truly a mention or something. I need all the help I can get since Lulu helpfully wiped out practically all my best reviews!!! Click the site name to visit - highlighted in blue (I hope) or look for it in the 'Useful Resource List'.


Orage said...

Thank you so much for leading us to the Gabbia forum, Garth! Very useful...if you understand Italian. A practical joke, innit?
I'll be back later.

Toyntanen said...

Orage,Orage,Orage - would I do that to you? Have a look through - there are loads of pictures of a suitable ilk posted there. But if you realy feel the need to read / join in, Google will translate it for you (though, depending on the language the meaning is often as clear as mud in my experience!).

Orage said...

Garth, sorry! I've been a bit hasty. Now google's translations are just a source of enjoyment. I only use them when I want to have a good laugh.