Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dress Discipline

Yesterday's lucky folk playing host to my roving office were the staff and management of the Spread Eagle pub in Parkway, Camden, London to whom many thanks go for their patient toleration of my days drinking antics. And a fine sunny day’s drinking it was too; many pints of the wonderful Youngs Special bitter were downed - a beer are generally doesn't travel well and one has to choose the venue carefully to imbibe it. An old school friend was invited (and duly turned up without any money) and then later in the day another old friend happened past with a new girlfriend who, I am glad to say, spent the whole afternoon flirting with yours truly - needs to go across my knee that young lady does! Anyway, having recently visited a site full of spanking art (that I'm sure I have listed on the sidebar as a source of Hardcastle's art, but if I haven't I will soon, see where incidentally you can see other pics you should recognize as having inspired my scribblings) and having come across a collection of wonderful little drawings I got to thinking. Yesterday morning, before going out, I had been looking through some of the work that I've downloaded from the site and particularly at the pictures shown here. The first I think really sums up how I would like to envisage one of the ‘aunt’ figures that appear in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 looking going about her day-to-day business (the other, possibly the same individual you decide, I always envisage somehow as being dressed in her old hospital matron's uniform or nurses’ dress to fulfil her disciplinary role - as you will be seeing in volume 2 when I finally get it finished).

The second I really love and came across many years ago in actual fact. I see the woman is being a most understanding seamstress in the employ one of my character’s stepmother, ‘aunt’ or guardian. The element of humiliation inherent in the ridiculously shortened hemline of the dress is unmistakable and is reflected in the wonderfully girl’s expression. It is an element of control that I've tried to capture within the pages of INSTITUTIONALISED. The problem, for me the writer, has been always exactly how to conjure up the spirit embodied in that drawing, bearing in mind that my writing is very much based in the present or very near past. Today's young miss is brought up far too much in the frame of mind of seeing her body as something to display to generally be worried by simply having her skirt hem raised - it is very much an anachronistic image in that way. And yet, in my writing, I hanker for that simpler and more innocent era where a glimpse of knickers would be enough to raise a blush and an abbreviated hemline would be cause enough for tears. My approach has been of course to utilise the styling of the girl’s dress (imaginatively I hope) to enhance her self-consciousness and distress rather than mere brevity alone - though brevity has its role to play: I imagine even today's modern young miss might be somewhat reluctant to reveal a glimps or two of frilled semi-transparent latex or plastic bloomers. There is that of course and the fact that the young ladies concerned are unusually shy by nature as compared to many of their peers, an aspect of their personality that has been greatly encouraged under the careful and loving tutelage of their respective guardians - they have been rendered in that way far more self-conscious and far less self-confident than one would expect of the young woman of today. That's all I see my approach, what do you think? Incidentally these drawings have been attribute to someone called Benson on the site concerned but that I believed them, by comparison to others I have in my collection, to have been wrongly classified and actually be attributable to some someone called Roger (I know no more - if anyone knows their true creator, please let me know).

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