Thursday, 2 October 2008

New Link Added

I've just added a new spanking blog link Devlin O'Neil's weblog. He's an author with several interesting excepts from his body of work on his blog - well worth a visit. He also has a series of links for intra-site navigation at the top of the page that makes it feel a lot more like navigating around a full blown web site rather than a blog. I wish I knew how to duplicate that; it would make it much easier to to setup links to my women's workwear catalogue scan collection once it is all uploaded (Its coming along, by the way - gradually).


Anonymous said...

Hi, Garth!

Devlin O'Neill here, and I love what you're doing, so for crying out loud keep doing it despite the dearth of comments. That sucks, yeah, nobody paying attention, but rest assured I am, and I linked back here so probably some of my unindicted co-conspirators will chime in shortly. If they don't I'll smack their bums. *G*

MANY thanks for the link. Devlin O'Neill's Weblog has got a TON of click-throughs from here, so even if folks aren't saying anything they definitely are paying attention, as well they should be. The photos are delightful, and most of them I haven't seen. You obviously pegged me as a kindred spirit and you're not wrong - a glimpse of stocking top 'neath a pleated plaid skirt tweaks all the right buttons for me, and just LET that girl bend over ... ;-)

Do drop by and leave a comment with us - that's the editorial us since ours is a group blog - and let us know what's on your mind. We'd love to hear from you!

Best always,

Michael said...

Hi, Garth,

Thanks for the good ink about Dev's blog. Yes, a dearth of comments is disheartening but as Dev says his blog has received many click-throughs from your site so people are interested and visiting you. Still searching through your blog but so far I like very much what I have seen. Keep up the good work.